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Fooo !

Fooo was my very first computer science project. It was developed in 8 months during my first year at EPITA, a french graduate school of computer science and advanced technologies and succeeded in finishing top project of the year.
In a team of 4 students (with Christopher Chedeau, Vladimir Nachbaur and Alban Perillat-Merceroz) we developed a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game largely inspired from Warcraft III. However, textures, models and icons were not taken from MDX/MDL/BLP files of this game. Instead we used non-copyrighted fan-made art, with the approval of the authors.

The core of the game was developed in Delphi, the 3D engine was developed with OpenGL and the interface is in Lua.
Source files, reports (in French) and screenshots can be found on our website.


We have made a video presenting all the features of our project, check it out !


As mentioned, Fooo was my first large project experience. The project quickly started after being introduced to programming through the functional language OCaml and later Delphi (language inspired by Object Pascal).

Developing a video game from scratch during the first year seems to be rather a daunting project. The policy of our school to help us develop our project was rather simple: there was no such policy. Of course we had general algorithms courses and smaller Delphi project in the meantime but concerning project design, pathfinding, 3D engine, networking... we had to figure most of it by ourselves by reading books, forums, tutorials...

I was mostly in charge of the core of the game: movement, orders (e.g. patrol, attack), spells, resources generation and usage, unit creation, unit death, building creation, etc.
I also contributed to the interface in order to associate each user action (like mouse selection, button click, etc) to an action in the game's engine.


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